Info for businesses and their business partners

The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) will make it easier for you to do your everyday business. 

In time, the NZBN will mean it will be easier for you to invoice and pay bills, apply for credit and positively identify other businesses. It will become more common to use your NZBN when dealing with customers, other businesses, your accountant, banks and government agencies.

The New Zealand Business Number will also make it:

  • easier for customers to find you
  • easier for you to do business in Australia
  • cheaper for your business to interact with government.

Make it faster and cheaper for everyone in business

You will be able to provide customers and suppliers with the information they require, in a more accurate way. The NZBN will reduce errors, support decision-making, reduce risks and increase market confidence. Your business could benefit from high-value digital services being developed using the NZBN. For example accountants and banks might use the NZBN when developing products and software.

Easier for customers to find you

Once your business is allocated an NZBN, the information you choose to make public will be searchable by others. This will allow customers and other businesses to confirm you are a New Zealand business.

Cheaper for your business to interact with government

Eventually, NZBNs will mean that when you update your core business information (for example on the Companies Register, on the NZBN Register, or with a government agency such as ACC or Inland Revenue), it will automatically update everywhere. You won’t have to remember where the information is held or where to make changes, just ‘do it once’. That means more time to grow your business, and less time on administration.