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Attend the free e-Invoicing webinar

Interested in learning more about e-Invoicing (electronic invoicing)? Attend a free online webinar to hear about the latest developments and upcoming e-Invoicing pilots.

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The e-Invoicing webinar is free to attend

The Australian and New Zealand governments are collaborating on the trans-Tasman e-Invoicing initiative. Businesses, software providers/resellers and other interested parties are encouraged to attend a free online webinar about e-Invoicing, run by the Australian Tax Office.

The webinar will cover

  • What’s the trans-Tasman e-Invoicing initiative?
  • Government commitments to progressing e-Invoicing
  • Current status of the e-Invoicing interoperability framework
  • Digital Capability Locator (DCL) development and access criteria (authorisation)
  • e-Invoicing pilots
  • Accreditation - interim and longer term
  • How to stay informed on the progress of this initiative

Event timings

The webinar is being held on Thursday 8 November at 1:00pm-2:00pm NZT.

It’s free to attend and open to all who are interested.

Register for the webinar(external link)

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