What's my NZBN?

Many businesses already have an NZBN, yours may be one of those. If your business is a company it already has an NZBN allocated to it. To find out if you’ve already got an NZBN, search for your business on the NZBN register.

How to search

You can search for your business or organisation on the NZBN Register by company number, NZBN, legal entity name, trading name, previous name or previous trading name.

Once you enter three characters in the search field, results will appear - with the most relevant at the top. The search results refine as you enter more information. If you don’t find your business, use the search filters.

If you can’t find your business or organisation on the NZBN Register, no problem, you probably don’t have an NZBN yet.

It’s easy to set up and get your NZBN, secure yours here. It’s well worth doing for all the advantages an NZBN offers you.