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Who can have an NZBN?

The NZBN is for all Kiwi businesses - large or small.

Not sure what sort of business yours is? Select the sole trader, partnership and registered company categories, to see which description applies to you.

If you’re still unsure what type of business structure yours is check out link) for more information

If you’re in business in New Zealand, an NZBN is for you.

Your business may already have an NZBN

Your business may already have an NZBN - you just may not know it does.

If your business is a registered company it will already have an NZBN. If your organisation is an incorporated society, charitable trust board, building society, credit union, friendly society, industrial and provident society or a limited partnership (NZ and overseas), it will also have an NZBN. Government agencies and other public sector entities already have NZBNs too.

To find out if you’ve already got an NZBN, search for your business on the NZBN Register.

Search the NZBN Register

If you’re a sole trader (self-employed), partnership or trust you won’t automatically have an NZBN, so you’ll need to get one – it’s free.

Get an NZBN

How to search for your NZBN

You can search for your business on the NZBN Register by company number, legal entity name, trading name, previous name or previous trading name.

Once you enter three characters in the search field, results will appear - with the most relevant at the top. The search results refine as you enter more information.

Search the NZBN Register

If you can’t find your business on the NZBN Register, no problem, you probably don’t have an NZBN yet.

It’s easy to set up and get your NZBN. It’s well worth doing as your NZBN will fast become an asset for your business.

Get your NZBN

Haven’t started your business yet?

If you’re just thinking about getting started with your own business, and you’re researching or planning for it, you won’t need an NZBN right away.

You’ll find some great advice on starting a business at link). Take a look, and when you’re close to opening your doors, don’t forget to get your NZBN. Remember, if you register as a company, you’ll get an NZBN automatically. If you operate as a sole trader, partnership or trust, you can get one, free.

Having an NZBN will help make business easier, faster and will save you time and effort, so get yours when you get up and running.

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