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What's MyNZBN?

MyNZBN is your NZBN space. This is where you can manage your business’ NZBN details so they’re always accurate, search for businesses of interest and set up and manage your watchlists.

Use watchlists to receive updates about other businesses

If you add a business to your watchlist we’ll notify you of any changes to the details of that business. For example, you might want to set up a watchlist for your key suppliers and customers.

To add a business to your watchlist:

  • Search for the business and select it from the search results
  • Select “Get updates about this business” from the business details page
  • Log in (if you hadn’t already done so)
  • The business you’ve added will now be on your watchlist

Search for a business

Screenshot - search for the business with search results displayed.
Screenshot showing option to add to watchlist.

To manage how often you get emails about organisations on your watchlist or to add extra email addresses to your watchlist notifications:

  • Log in to MyNZBN
  • Select My Watchlists and scroll down to the settings area
Screenshot showing watchlist settings.

You can remove businesses from your watchlists through My Watchlists.

Access My Watchlists

Update your business details

Are you a sole trader partnership or trust?

You can edit any of your information on the NZBN Register.

More about sole trader, partnership and trust updates

Is your business a company?

You can edit most of your 'day-to-day' information through MyNZBN.

More about companies and other organisation updates

Update your profile

Keeping your profile information up-to-date means we can contact you if there are any changes to NZBN services that would affect you.

From your profile, you can:

  • Update your name and contact information
  • Access RealMe® to change your RealMe password
Screenshot of My Profile screen.

If you’re the administrator of an organisation with multiple users sharing authority over businesses (such as an accounting company), you’ll be able to manage the organisation’s details and list of users on the appropriate register.

Access My Profile

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