Why update my NZBN details?

The more businesses that use the NZBN, the better it will become for everyone.

To ensure the NZBN can work to its full potential for your business and others, keep your core business information up-to-date. Encourage your customers and suppliers to do the same. That way whenever you need core information about a business you can use their NZBN.

If your information is out-of-date, others won’t be able to use it when interacting and transacting with you. Ensuring your details are correct means you won’t miss out on innovations like e-Invoicing, which will make it faster and easier to send invoices and receive payments.

Make sure your core business information is publicly available

The more core business information (also known as Primary Business Data) you make public, the more value you’ll get out of your NZBN. This is because it will be so much easier for your customers, suppliers and other businesses to access and make use of your data when they interact with you. So we recommend you make it publicly available so everyone can use it – and let your NZBN work for you.

Learn more about Primary Business Data .

If you’re a sole trader, partnership or trust- you can choose to keep some of your information private.