How to search

You can search for businesses on the NZBN Register by NZBN, company number, legal entity name, trading name, previous name or previous trading name. Once you enter three characters in the search field, results will appear - with the most relevant at the top. The search results refine as you enter more information.

Search results will include only the information each business has chosen to make public. Some businesses can make some information private – for example, a sole trader may make their legal name or trading name private.

Search results are limited to 200 listings. If you don’t find the business you’re looking for, use the filters.


Business status

Filter by whether the business is registered, in liquidation, in receivership, in voluntary administration, inactive or removed/closed.

Business type


NZ Companies or Overseas Companies registered in New Zealand.

Other incorporated entities

Incorporated Societies, Charitable Trusts, Limited Partnerships, Overseas Limited Partnerships, Friendly Societies, Credit Unions, Building Societies, Industrial and Provident Societies and Special Bodies.

Public sector entities

Central Government, Local Government, Education Providers and Other Public Entities.

Unincorporated entities

Sole Traders, Partnerships and Trusts.


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