Data matching

Our experts can match companies’ New Zealand Business Numbers (NZBNs) to a pre-existing data set your business holds. For example, we could match NZBNs to a list of your customers or vendors.

At the moment, we can only match data that relates to registered companies. Data matching for other business types – including incorporated societies, charitable trusts and unincorporated entities, including sole traders – will become available in 2017.

Request a data match

We can match information by:

  • company name
  • company number
  • legal entity name
  • previous names.

Once we have your data set we’ll run it through our data matching programme and then let you know what percentage we have been able to match.

Keeping your data safe

Should you decide to provide us with information about your customers for the purpose of matching an NZBN to those customers, we will not provide that information to a third party. We will not use that information for any other purpose. We will remove the information you have provided about your customers once it is no longer necessary for matching, and provide you with the NZBNs of your customers.