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Getting started with e-Invoicing

Once you’ve decided to move to e-Invoicing, there are some things you need to get started, from getting your NZBN to choosing a service provider and getting your business ready.

Find or get your NZBN

You need your globally unique NZBN and the NZBN of each business you want to send an e-Invoice.

It’s quick and easy to get an NZBN – there’s one for every Kiwi business. Companies and other registered businesses, including government agencies, have already been assigned an NZBN, while sole traders, partnerships, and trusts can get theirs online.

Use the search bar at the top of this page to see if your business already has an NZBN and to find the NZBN of other businesses.

If you need the NZBNs of a lot of businesses, use our free NZBN-Business Match service to find them. It’s one of a number of free NZBN services.

Free NZBN services

Get your NZBN

Selecting a service provider

You will need to engage a service provider to access the Peppol framework and use e-Invoicing, unless you are a bigger organisation with your own ‘in-house’ solution.

There are two types of providers enabling e-Invoicing:

  • Accounting software providers, who provide accounting/financial management software solutions capable of supporting e-Invoicing.
  • E-Invoicing service providers, who make it possible to connect to the Peppol eDelivery network (eg, Access Point, Service Metadata Publisher, and Translation services).

Some accounting software providers offer both services, as their software includes a gateway to the Peppol network. In other cases, you may need to have separate agreements with your accounting software provider and a Peppol accredited e-Invoicing service provider.

Selecting a Peppol Service Provider for e-Invoicing [PDF, 390 KB] has information on what to consider when selecting an Access Point and Service Metadata Publisher service provider, as well as a list of New Zealand Peppol accredited e-Invoicing service providers.

New Zealand accredited Peppol service providers [XLSX, 49 KB] lists the contact details for service providers who have completed their accreditation process with the New Zealand Peppol Authority, allowing them to offer e-Invoicing services in New Zealand.

Readying your business

The following documents include some of the key things you need to consider as you prepare for the successful implementation of e-Invoicing:

Getting ready with e-Invoicing - Flowchart [PDF, 113 KB]

Information and considerations for e-Invoicing - Large organisations [PDF, 381 KB]

e-Invoicing - User stories for the Peppol network [PDF, 322 KB]

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Last updated 13 December 2019

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