What is the NZBN Register?

The NZBN Register pulls together publicly available information from a variety of sources. In future eligible businesses  will be able to update that information in one place and it will automatically update across all the source databases.

You can currently search the NZBN Register for publicly available information about companies, public sector entities and other businesses registered in New Zealand, including incorporated societies and charitable trusts, as well as unincorporated entities (sole traders, partnerships and trusts).

Over time, business information will streamline

The NZBN transforms and streamlines how businesses share their key information and interact with each other. Eventually an eligible business will be able to use their NZBN as their main identifier and to share key information with government. The NZBN will make it possible for businesses and government agencies to link information about a business in a secure way. It will enable innovative time-saving administrative solutions between businesses, their suppliers and government. Consistent identification of each business will make it possible to build a common language between software systems. This all means less time spent on admin and more time to grow your business.