NZBN watchlist

Add businesses you work with to a watchlist to get alerts when their details change, making it easier to keep your information up to date.

You can set up a watchlist for any businesses that are of interest to you, such as your key customers. Once a business is on your watchlist, we’ll let you know via an email alert, or your API connection, if any of the details for that business change. That way you’ll always have up-to-date information on the businesses you deal with.

How to set up your own watchlist

To create a watchlist update the details of your business, you’ll need a RealMe® login (if you don’t have one, you can create one).

  1. Log in to MyNZBN
  2. From the left-hand menu choose My watchlists
  3. Search for a business you want to receive updates about
  4. From the right-hand sidebar, select the link 'Click to add to watchlist'
  5. The business will be added to your watchlist, and you will receive notifications when details change.
At the bottom of the 'My watchlists' page, you can also add other email addresses (in addition your NZBN Profile email address) that you want watchlist notifications to be sent to. You can also choose how often you'll receive email updates:
- as soon each change occurs, or
- receive a summary of any changes on your watched businesses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Ensure your email address is up to date

To make sure you'll receive the email alerts or notifications you should check what email address is recorded in your profile. This is the address we'll use to send out things like watchlist notifications.

  1. Log in to MyNZBN
  2. From the left-hand menu choose My profile
  3. You'll see the information recorded in your MyNZBN profile
  4. From the right-hand sidebar, select the link 'Edit profile' to update any details.

How to get free automatic alerts when businesses you work with change their core information (location, phone, email, etc).

Set up your watchlist

If you have a RealMe login you can set up your own watchlist now.

Log in and set up your watchlist

NZBN Watchlists for API customers

If you’re an NZBN API customer, you can access additional watchlist capabilities such as:

  • the ability to create multiple watchlists,
  • limit your watchlists to specific types of changes (for instance, if you’re only interested in certain types of changes such as legal name or registration status changes), or
  • watch for changes across a particular entity type.

Read more information on the MBIE API Store(external link).

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