Subscribe to the NZBN API and integrate your systems with NZBN data to automatically find, share and update information about businesses.

An API sounds complicated, but it’s quite simple. Think of the NZBN API like a messenger, taking your request for information to the NZBN Register, and delivering a response back to you.

That’s a really simple explanation for a lot of technical wizardry that happens ‘behind the scenes’, so you can maximise the use of the NZBN.

Ways you can use the NZBN API

Here are just a few examples of ways you can use our API:

  • Find other businesses’ core business information (in the NZBN Register this is called Primary Business Data). For example, to prepopulate a customer onboarding form with their NZBN information such as their legal name, business type and contact details.
  • Set up a watchlist of your suppliers and customers NZBNs, so you’ll receive an alert when a business you deal with changes its details.
  • Search for recent changes to the NZBN information of businesses you work with.

How our free NZBN API can help you integrate your business systems with the NZBN Register to streamline business processes.

Start using the NZBN API

If you’re a developer, you’ll find our API easy to subscribe to and use with your application. Register for the NZBN API to get started developing your systems to work with our API.

See how to register for the NZBN API(external link)

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