Using other businesses’ NZBNs

Using other businesses’ NZBNs has real, practical uses in your business.

It’s easier to pay the bills

Knowing your suppliers’ NZBNs means processing and paying their accounts becomes faster and easier, as you’ll have all their core business information at your fingertips. Equally, if they have your NZBN it will ensure any eInvoice they send reaches you through the eInvoicing network, enabling faster processing and payment of their eInvoices.

eInvoicing is the exchange of invoice information directly between financial systems such as Xero or MYOB, rather than using PDFs, emails or post.

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Reliable delivery, every time

Integrating customers’ NZBNs into your business will help make sure your goods are delivered to the right place. You’ll know this because you can see their physical address on the NZBN Register, and if you have them on your watchlist, you’ll get an alert when any of their details change.

Jane runs a flower shop. Her biggest customer is a financial services company who have a large monthly order. When they moved buildings to new premises, it happened quickly, but because her customer updated their details on the NZBN Register, Jane knew their new delivery address immediately, as she had set up a watchlist on the NZBN website to alert her to any change in her customers’ details. Jane’s supply of fresh flowers to her biggest customer continued seamlessly at their new address.

If yours is a larger business, integrate the NZBN into your whole supply chain. That way using other businesses’ NZBNs will mean your logistics and warehousing operations are working with customer information that you know is accurate.

Grow your business

Using other businesses’ NZBNs helps you get a clearer picture of your customers and helps you identify new business opportunities. Can you supply new products or services that fill a niche or improve customer experience?

Think about your own business. Could you use your customer’s NZBN as an identifier to link together their sales history, financial information or how they obtain or use your services? How could that help you manage your work relationships better, or enhance the services you provide, so you can do more business together?

Superior customer service

Use the NZBN to link other different types of customer data. For example, use the NZBN as an identifier to link together sales, delivery and customer complaints information.

You’ll see how to improve your supply chain and customer experience, so your timely service/product becomes even more relevant for them. If you have a customer relationship management system (CRM) you can integrate what you learn into it, to provide even better service and proactively anticipate their needs.

Here’s how BNZ used the NZBN to improve their customer experience for new business customers joining the bank.

Learn more about how other organisations are using the NZBN, and how you can use your NZBN in your own business.

Get your contacts using their NZBN

The NZBN works best when everyone uses it, so encourage your customers and suppliers to get and use their NZBN, and keep their information up-to-date so it’s easy to continue to do business together.

Find out more about the free NZBN services that can help your business

There are some great services that help you get the most out of your NZBN by making it easier to connect and transact with others.

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