Updating your NZBN details

MyNZBN is where you can update information that your suppliers, customers and other businesses will most often ask for — such as your phone number, email or website address.

Your NZBN works to its full potential for your business and others if you keep this information up-to-date.

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What you can update in MyNZBN

On the NZBN Register core business information is called Primary Business Data. Once you've logged into MyNZBN you can update the following Primary Business Data (or PBD) for your business:

  • Trading name
  • Trading areas
  • Website address
  • Email address — the one your suppliers and clients should use
  • Phone number
  • Contact addresses — this allows your suppliers and government to deliver services to you, and lets your clients know where you are. 
  • Business Industry Classification (BIC) — this is the type of industry in which your business operates.
  • GST number
  • Māori business information — if applicable
  • Australian Business Number (ABN) — if applicable
Some information can't be updated via MyNZBN
For example, to update a company's legal name or its directors or shareholders details you must make the updates via the New Zealand Companies Register(external link).

Read more about NZBN Primary Business Data

Why you should update your details

Your NZBN works to its full potential for your business and others if you keep your core business information up to date.

The more businesses that use the NZBN, the better it will become for everyone. By keeping your details up to date, the organisations you deal with most often can rely on your information being accurate on the NZBN Register - and you save yourself time and money not having to repeat the same details over and over to different suppliers, customers, other businesses or government.

Encourage your customers and suppliers to do the same with their details. That way whenever you need core information about a business, you can go to the NZBN Register, find their details and be confident you’re using up to date information.

Make sure your core business information is publicly available

The more of your core business information (Primary Business Data) you make public, the more value you’ll get out of your NZBN. It’ll be much easier for your customers, suppliers and other businesses to access and make use of your data when they interact with you.

You can select which information you want to make publicly available by updating your NZBN privacy settings once you're logged in with your MyNZBN login.

Recording your business closure or suspension of trading

Sole traders, partnerships and trusts

If your business has temporarily stopped trading you can log in to MyNZBN and update your business details — change the status of your business to 'On hold (inactive)'.

When you begin trading again, you can update your business’ status by changing your status to 'Registered (active)'.

Deregistering other business types

If your business is a company, limited partnership, incorporated society or charitable trust and you want to wind up the business, you’ll need to formally apply to the Companies Office. How you do this depends on the type of business —

How to update your details

What you need before you start

To update business details on the NZBN Register, you’ll need: 

  1. A RealMe login
  2. A MyNZBN account, and
  3. Confirmed authority to update details for the business

Getting a RealMe login and setting up your MyNZBN account

Confirming your authority to update business details on the NZBN Register

Update business details now

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