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Identifying different parts of your business

Businesses can now extend beyond their NZBN to identify different areas by branch, department and location.

As the next stage in the evolution of the NZBN, Organisation Parts will make it even easier for you to connect and interact with other businesses and government agencies.   

Each Organisation Part is a globally unique identifier which links to the core business information for a part of your business. You can choose to:

  • keep this information private,
  • make it available to the public, or
  • share it with the businesses you choose.

Like the NZBN, Organisation Parts are a unique 13 digit Global Location Number (GLN), supplied by GS1 New Zealand(external link).

Organisation Parts have already been used to support the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Tracer system. From early 2021, businesses will be able to create and use Organisation Parts for other purposes, and over time, businesses will develop innovative ways to use them, unlocking new opportunities.

Ministry of Health (MoH) COVID Poster Location

Organisation Parts have been used to identify business locations, making it possible to generate the QR code posters that enable the Ministry of Health NZ COVID Tracer system.

If you provided your NZBN when you created your QR code poster, ‘MoH COVID Poster Location’ Organisation Parts will be listed under your NZBN on the NZBN Register. Log in to MyNZBN to see if Organisation Parts have been linked to your NZBN.

Go to MyNZBN


The information in your ‘MoH COVID Poster Location’ Organisation Part can only be seen by someone with authority over your NZBN, and the Ministry of Health. If you make this information public, it can be seen by anyone searching the NZBN website or requesting NZBN data. Organisation Parts can also be shared with any specific businesses you choose.

Updating information

You can update some of the information in your ‘MoH COVID Poster Location’ Organisation Part, however details like the physical address are essential for COVID-19 tracing purposes and cannot be changed. 

If you no longer need an Organisation Part, you can make it ‘Inactive’. You can reactivate it again if you need it at a later date. It is not possible to delete Organisation Parts from your NZBN.

Change of physical address

If you change the physical address for your business, you will need to contact the Ministry of Health to create a new QR code poster and ‘MoH COVID Poster Location’ Organisation Part.

NZ COVID Tracer app — Ministry of Health(external link)

The ‘status’ of the original ‘MoH COVID Poster Location’ Organisation Part should be updated to ‘Inactive’.

Authority over your NZBN

You need to have the authority to update your NZBN and Organisation Parts.

Visit the 'Authority' page to learn more

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