Confirming your authority

Before you can update or change a business’s details on the NZBN Register you need to confirm you have the authority to do so. It could be your own business, or someone else’s.

If you were the person who registered your business online or applied for your NZBN, you’ll have authority over that business automatically, and you’ll be able to make changes right away. If not, you’ll need to confirm that you are authorised to manage information on behalf of the business.

NZBN Authority helps to ensure that the right people are able to update information about your business.

How to confirm your authority

To confirm your authority to update information for a business, here’s what to do:

  • Search for the business on the NZBN Register
  • Once you’ve found it, select ‘Get access to update these details’

What happens next depends on the type of business it is.

Search for a business to confirm authority

What you can do once you’ve confirmed your authority

Once you’ve confirmed your authority to act for a business, you can update the information we hold about it on the NZBN Register.

You can make changes to your NZBN details via MyNZBN at any time.

See the list of businesses you can manage

Managing authorities for sole traders, partnerships and trusts

If you have authority over a sole trader, partnership or trust, you can grant someone else authority via your NZBN dashboard. You’ll simply need the email address of the person you’re granting authority to.

The steps are:

  1. Log in to your NZBN dashboard
  2. From 'My Businesses' select the business you want to grant authority over
  3. Click on the 'Maintain Authority' tab
  4. Select 'Grant Authority' from the menu
  5. Enter the person's email address, and choose 'Apply'

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Revoking an authority

You can revoke an existing authority too. For example, if you change your solicitor or accountant, you may want to revoke an authority they may hold. You can revoke authorities via MyNZBN

Your own authority

If you’re a director of a company, or a sole trader, partner of a partnership, or trustee of a trust, you can't revoke your own authority.

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