Applying for an NZBN if you're a charity or other organisation

Charities and other organisations, such as schools and organisations formed by legislation, can apply for an NZBN.

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Getting an NZBN for a charity

If your organisation is registered with Charities Services – you’re eligible for an NZBN. Depending on your organisation’s structure, you may have already been allocated an NZBN, or you may need to apply for one.

NZBN registration for unincorporated charities is voluntary and there is no legal requirement to have an NZBN. Getting a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) will not incorporate your charity or give it a separate legal entity status with the ability to purchase vehicles or other assets in the charity’s name. Having an NZBN however shows that your organisation is real and tangible, so any other organisation you deal with can have peace of mind when dealing with yours.

Incorporated organisations

If your organisation is incorporated and registered with the Companies Office, for example a registered company, incorporated society, or a charitable trust board, it’s already been allocated an NZBN and you can search for it on the NZBN Register.

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Unincorporated trusts

If your organisation is set up as a trust, but not incorporated as a charitable trust board, you’re still eligible for an NZBN and can apply online.

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Learn more about applying for an NZBN as a trust

Other unincorporated groups and societies

If your society or group is a registered charity, but not incorporated, you are eligible for an NZBN. To request an NZBN for an unincorporated group or society, complete our online application form.

Start your charity's NZBN application

Getting an NZBN for other types of organisations

You’ll need our help to get an NZBN for other types of organisations, such as schools and organisations formed by legislation (such as an Act of Parliament).

To request an NZBN for one of these types of organisations, contact us.

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