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Implementation tools & resources

Get the NZBN working for you

The NZBN is fast becoming the single unique identifier for all Kiwi businesses, with benefits throughout your business in areas such as payments, processing, procuring goods and services, supply, delivery, and customer relationship management.

The free NZBN e-learning module

Is your organisation ready to identify business customers by their NZBN?

We’ve created a helpful e-learning module that acts as a simple step-by-step guide. The module has been primarily designed for contact centre staff, but it’s likely to be useful for other areas of your business too.

You can view the module online, or we can provide HTML or SCORM files so you can build the e-learning module into your organisation’s learning management system (LMS) or intranet. Contact to learn more.

The e-learning module is available in English and Te Reo.

Explore the e-learning module (external link)

Implementation toolkit

We’re currently working hard to develop an NZBN toolkit that will help you integrate the NZBN into the heart of your business, so all these aspects of your business become easier, faster, more automated and seamless.

Watch this space for practical advice and tips on ways you can use the NZBN to transform the way you do business.

While we’re working on that, please contact us if you have any questions about using the NZBN.

10 easy steps to get started with the NZBN

In the meantime, take a look at our 10 step guide to getting the NZBN working in your organisation.

1. Get your NZBN

Many businesses have been automatically allocated an NZBN - find yours by searching the NZBN Register. If your business doesn’t already have an NZBN, get yours today.

2. Share it

Add your NZBN to documentation like your invoices, receipts, email signatures and letterheads.

3. Identify your business

Use your NZBN to identify yourself when interacting or transacting with other businesses or government.

4. Connect the dots

Start recognising the businesses you work with by their NZBN. Our free NZBN-Business Match service can help match your customers or suppliers to their NZBN.

5. Ask for the NZBN

Ask new customers or suppliers for their NZBN during the sign-up process. When interacting or transacting with current customers or suppliers ask for their NZBN.

6. Build networks

Connect your finance, procurement or CRM systems to the NZBN API(external link), so you can access the latest information about organisations you do business with. Use the NZBN’s free bulk data download until you are ready to link to the API.

7. Stay in the loop

Use the NZBN API(external link) to create a watchlist of businesses you work with. You’ll be notified when an organisation on your list makes a change to their core business information, so you can choose to update your records too.

8. Get creative

Explore ways your business might use the NZBN:

  • Use the NZBN to streamline your customer or supplier onboarding processes, e.g. to pre-populate fields in online forms.
  • Use the NZBN to connect different data sets (internal or external).
  • Integrate the NZBN into your finance and procurement systems.
  • Build the NZBN into new systems and processes.

9. Look to the future

Identify the opportunities specific to your business. Determine which systems, processes and services could be streamlined and improved using the NZBN. Develop a plan to implement these changes and build a long-term roadmap.

10. Spread the word

Develop a communications plan to keep staff, suppliers and/or customers in the loop as your business rolls out the NZBN. Promote the benefits and explain how you’re using the NZBN to streamline or improve your systems, processes and services. The NZBN Team can help you develop communications.

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