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Implementation tools & resources

Get the NZBN working for you

The NZBN has the potential to benefit your business in a number of ways, from helping you stay up-to-date to streamlining invoicing. Use it to improve your payments, processing, procurement, supply, delivery and customer relationship management.

Implementation toolkit

We’ve developed a series of videos to help you integrate the NZBN into your business, so you can quickly and easily share your core business information with other businesses and government agencies, find out who you’re working with, and stay up-to-date.

Watch videos to Connect and transform your business

Easy steps to get started with the NZBN

1. Get your NZBN

Many businesses have been automatically allocated an NZBN – use the search bar at the top of this page to see if your business is one of them.

If your business doesn’t already have an NZBN, get yours today.

2. Share your NZBN

Add your NZBN to documentation such as your invoices, receipts, email signatures and letterhead.

3. Identify your business

Use your NZBN to identify yourself when interacting or transacting with other businesses or government.

4. Connect the dots

Start recognising the businesses you work with by their NZBN. Use our free NZBN-Business Match service, where we match your customers or suppliers to their NZBN. Once you know their NZBNs you can receive updates of their business information (using our free watchlist or API – Application Programming Interface).

5. Ask for the NZBN

When setting up new customers or suppliers in your business system, ask them for their NZBN. When interacting or transacting with current customers or suppliers ask for their NZBN.

6. Stay in the loop

Create a watchlist of businesses you work with, either on our website or using the NZBN API. You’ll be notified when information about a business on your watchlist changes, helping you stay up-to-date.

7. Build networks

Connect your finance, procurement or client relationship management (CRM) systems to the NZBN Register, using our free NZBN API, you can access the latest information about organisations you do business with. Alternatively or in the short term, you might find our free bulk data download useful. 

8. Get creative

Explore ways your business might use the NZBN:

  • Streamline your customer or supplier on-boarding processes (for example, to pre-populate fields in online forms).
  • Connect different data sets (internal or external).
  • Integrate the NZBN into your finance and procurement systems.
  • Build the NZBN into new systems and processes.

9. Look to the future

Identify opportunities specific to your business. Determine which systems, processes and services could be streamlined and improved using the NZBN. Develop a plan to implement these changes and build a long-term roadmap.

Case studies has stories about what other businesses and government agencies are doing.

10. Spread the word

Keep staff, suppliers and customers informed as your business rolls out the NZBN.

For general enquiries, please contact us.

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