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  • Using the NZBN in your business

    Quickly and definitively show others that your business is real, share your information, and save time and frustration by pre-populating online forms. Using your NZBN in your business is a smart choice for faster and easier business.

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  • Using other businesses’ NZBNs

    Knowing the NZBNs of the businesses you work with means you can receive alerts if their details change, so you’ll always have their up-to-date information. Getting their details right makes it easier to get your bills paid, deliver goods, supply services and offer great customer service. Take a look.

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  • e-Invoicing

    No more paper-based or PDF invoices that need to be scanned, posted or emailed. With e-Invoicing, it will be easier to get paid faster and reduce the risk of fraud. This is the future of invoicing and it will be fast and simple using your New Zealand Business Number.

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  • NZBN services

    Find your customers’ or suppliers’ NZBNs, or match their business to their NZBN - it’s free. Get alerts when their details change, or use the NZBN API to share, maintain and update NZBN information. Discover free NZBN services, right here.

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  • Implementation tools & resources

    Watch this space for tools, help and guidance on how to integrate the NZBN into your business, so your core business functions become easier and faster.

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