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  • What's MyNZBN?

    MyNZBN is your NZBN space. Log in to manage your business’ NZBN details so they’re always accurate, search for businesses of interest and set up and manage your watchlists.

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  • Setting up your MyNZBN account

    You will need to set up a MyNZBN account to apply for an NZBN and to keep your business' NZBN details up to date.

    Learn how to set up your MyNZBN account

  • Confirming your authority

    To update your business’ details and manage your NZBN you need to confirm you have authority to do so. Here’s what you need to know to do that.

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  • Updating sole trader, partnership or trust details

    Your NZBN can work to its full potential for your business and others if you keep your core business information up-to-date. As a sole trader, partnership or trust, MyNZBN is where you manage your business information.

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  • Updating your company or other organisation details

    If you’re a registered company, you can manage and edit key business details on the NZBN Register, such as your phone number and email address, as well as set up and manage your watchlists and request NZBN services.

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