Using the NZBN in your business

Using the NZBN offers your business many benefits, helping you cut down on time-consuming manual tasks and making it easier for others to transact with you.

Shows your business is real

Having an NZBN shows your business is real and tangible, so any other business you deal with can have peace of mind when dealing with yours.

See how Jenna, a self-employed wedding photographer, is using the NZBN to offer her customers more certainty when doing business with her.

Speed up access to your core business information – saving time

Because your core business information (your Primary Business Data) is held on the NZBN Register, other businesses or government agencies can go there and quickly and easily find the information they need in order to do business with you. Think of all the times you need to repeat your address and telephone number to different people and organisations at the moment. Using your NZBN means you don’t have to keep repeating yourself, which saves everyone time and effort.

Michael sells handmade peanut butter at farmers’ markets in Dunedin. He’s just been offered a new contract supplying his peanut butter to GS, a chain of gourmet supermarkets.

As part of bringing him onboard as a supplier, GS head office pulls Michael’s NZBN core business information straight from the NZBN Register. This saves Michael time, because he doesn’t have to repeat information that’s already available on the Register.

Six months later, Michael changes his phone number and updates the NZBN Register. The supermarket is automatically notified of the change.

When another potential client wants to run a credit check on his business before taking him on, they use Michael’s NZBN to verify his business and run the check. He soon finds out he’s been approved and starts supplying peanut butter to them too.

Maybe you’re applying for credit? Having an NZBN can be useful to help your lender’s credit bureau assess your business, which might help speed up the approval process.

Take a look at how credit bureau, Centrix uses the NZBN to accurately identify businesses during the credit check process.

Cut down on form filling

Instead of filling out repetitive paperwork, online forms will connect to the NZBN Register. If an online form asks for your NZBN, enter it, and all the corresponding fields can be automatically pre-populated using information linked to your NZBN – like your business name, phone number and email address.

More time to earn and be productive

Using the NZBN to identify your business and the businesses you work with means you’ll have more time to spend doing what you got into business to do in the first place – and increase your productivity and your income at the same time.

John’s plumbing company has grown so quickly, the business is moving to larger premises. John’s busy with plumbing jobs all the time.

Because he’s updated his business address in the NZBN Register, he’s got the time to work on those jobs, and he’s substantially reduced the time he spends updating people about his move. His pipe supplier, industry association and bank all have John’s NZBN, so they were notified as soon as his details changed. They update John’s records on their systems with his new address and continue to do business with John without a hitch.

Learn more about the way organisations in the construction industry are using the NZBN to save time and money.

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NZBN benefits don’t stop with your own NZBN. Receive alerts when businesses you work with change their details, and use accurate information to get paid faster, pay bills and offer great customer service.

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