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About the NZBN

The NZBN is a unique identifier for your business

The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is a globally unique identifier, available to every Kiwi business. Whether you’re a self-employed builder, or a major corporation, an NZBN is for you.

Your NZBN makes doing business faster and easier because it links to your core business information (known as Primary Business Data). This includes things such as your trading name, phone number or email.

That means anyone you do business with or have contact with (such as suppliers or customers), can easily and quickly access all the details they need about your business in order to work with you, and you won’t have to keep repeating this information over and over again.

The NZBN is a Global Location Number (GLN) supplied by GS1 NZ, that uses the GS1 global numbering standards. GLNs are an ISO standard, are globally unique, and part of a credible international system with strong links to trade and supply chains.

Check out our video, it explains more about how the NZBN can help transform the way you do business.

Your information is held securely on the NZBN Register

Other businesses you work with can access your business information from one central location online - the NZBN Register. When they look up your business and find your NZBN, it also gives them confidence that your business is real.

When you want to check other businesses’ NZBNs you can automate this process by connecting your business systems directly to the NZBN Register, for example through the NZBN API or via your software provider. This is easier and saves time, particularly if yours is a larger business that deals with multiple suppliers and customers with NZBNs.

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