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  • Who can have an NZBN?

    NZBNs are for all Kiwi businesses regardless of whether you’re a big national company or a self-employed local plumber. Many businesses already have an NZBN - yours may be one of those. For example, if your business is a registered company it will already have an NZBN. To find out if your business already has an NZBN, search for your business on the NZBN Register. Or search for other businesses’ NZBNs.

    Find out who can have an NZBN

  • Sole traders, partnerships and trusts

    Are you self-employed, a sole trader, a partnership or trust? Having an NZBN will make it easier to share business information, save you time, and prove your business credibility. Best of all, getting an NZBN is free.

    Get your NZBN

  • Companies and other organisations

    Good news - if your business is a registered company, or an organisation other than a sole trader, partnership or trust you’ll already have an NZBN, as it’s been matched to publicly available data held on government registers, like the Companies Register. Search for your company’s or organisation’s NZBN on the NZBN Register.

    Find your NZBN