Applying for an NZBN if you're a partnership

Are you a partnership and currently in business in New Zealand? You're eligible to get an NZBN.

Your partnership may already have an NZBN

Many businesses have already applied for an NZBN. Start by checking to see if your partnership already has one. If it doesn’t have an NZBN, you can apply to get one.

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What you need to apply

You’ll need a couple of items on-hand to complete your application.

1. IRD number

You need the IRD number of the partnership. We use the IRD number to confirm that this matches an existing business, and to check that your partnership hasn’t already been allocated an NZBN.

2. Proof of partnership

You’ll also need to provide proof of your partnership, in the form of:

  • Partner details – their full names and the date they were appointed partner. You may also be asked to provide a copy of an identity document for one of the partners – either their New Zealand driver licence or passport, or a copy of a similar ‘identity’ document. 
  • Proof of partnership – either a copy of the partnership agreement or minutes from a partnership meeting. If there’s no agreement or minutes, a letter to the NZBN Registrar will be acceptable. You’ll be asked to upload the proof of partnership document. The proof of partnership you provide will need to include the name of the partnership and the full legal names of each of the partners. It must be signed by each partner.

3. RealMe login and a MyNZBN account

To use our online services you need a RealMe® username and password and a MyNZBN account.

Setting up your MyNZBN account

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Tip — Some of our online tasks are best carried out on a desktop computer. If you have any issues completing your application using a mobile device, we recommend trying a desktop computer.

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