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Use your NZBN to connect and interact more quickly and easily, with more accuracy, saving time and money.

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Tell everyone once and save time

Your NZBN links to the business information you’re most often asked for by other businesses, organisations and government agencies (including your trading name and contact details).

Having an NZBN, and keeping it up-to-date, means you won’t have to keep repeating these details or advising all your business contacts when the information changes. Instead, direct everyone to look you up on the NZBN Register, and create an NZBN Watchlist so they get automated emails of information changes.

See how the NZBN is working for an accountant who sees benefits for businesses big and small.

See how the NZBN is working for tradies and their membership organisations, saving time.

Do business with confidence and certainty

Your NZBN is a globally unique identifier that shows others your business is real. It’s quick, easy and free for others to find businesses on the NZBN Register, and be confident your business is the one they intended to work with.

The more information you make available on the NZBN Register, the easier it will be for other businesses to connect and transact with you.

Make sure you ask other businesses for their NZBN, so you can be certain of who you’re working with.

See how the NZBN is working for a sole trader with some big competitors, wanting to give his clients confidence.

See how the NZBN is working for a credit bureau assessing risk and needing certainty.

A digital register for every Kiwi business

There’s an NZBN for every Kiwi business – registered companies were allocated one and other businesses can get theirs free on our website.

Together, all of the NZBNs make up the online, searchable NZBN Register that every business can use. It’s the only register that includes all types of Kiwi businesses, including sole traders and self-employed, contractors, tradespeople, landlords, sole traders, partnerships, trusts, limited liability companies and the public sector (drawing from all Companies Office registers, as well as including businesses that haven’t previously had a register, such as sole traders). 

The NZBN Register is searched millions of times each year, saving businesses and government agencies time and money and helping them stay up-to-date. Some organisations use our website search, or create an NZBN Watchlist to receive automated alerts of changes to business information, while others get this information by connecting to the register with our free NZBN API.

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Easier interactions with government

Government agencies are increasingly using the NZBN to quickly and easily identify businesses they interact with, and stay up-to-date.

Like a number of Kiwi businesses, many government agencies have connected their business systems to the NZBN Register so they can find the businesses they’re working with and also receive automatic updates when any of those businesses change their core business information (publicly available information linked to an NZBN). So it’s important you keep your core business information up-to-date, and it will save you updating each government agency separately. 

For example, if you’re a supplier to government, or involved with tendering or contracting, you’ll increasingly be asked to provide your NZBN as part of your interactions. This will help the agency confirm your identify and also means that, when you change your NZBN information (such as contact details), the agencies connected to the register will get your updates automatically. 

See how the NZBN is working for a government department that credits the NZBN with greater efficiencies.

See how the NZBN is working for a government department that sees the NZBN as a key data identifier.

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