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Apply for an NZBN for a charity

If your charity is structured as an unincorporated society or group, and is registered with Charities Services, you can request an NZBN by completing the form below. We’ll get back to you within 5 working days. 

Read more about applying for an NZBN for a charity

This form does not apply to trusts
Charitable trust boards incorporated with the New Zealand Companies Office have been automatically assigned NZBNs. You can search the NZBN website using your charitable trust board's name or incorporation number to find your NZBN.

If your charity is structured as another type of trust, you can apply for an NZBN online.

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By applying for an NZBN for your unincorporated group or society, you agree that the organisation’s legal name, NZBN and public address will be made publicly available and searchable on the online NZBN Register. The charity email address will remain private but will be used by the Registrar to contact the charity regarding its NZBN registration.

You also confirm that the details for this entity on the Charities Register are correct and up to date.

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