NZBN bulk data

Apply for bulk data access to download files containing business information for NZBN registered businesses. Files are updated monthly.

What's in our bulk data files

Business types

Our bulk data files contain public NZBN information for all companies, public sector entities (including central government agencies and schools as well as local government). These types of business have been automatically allocated NZBNs.

The files also contain public business information for all sole traders (self-employed), partnerships and trusts that have applied for an NZBN.

File types

NZBN information for registered companies is available in both JSON and CSV formats. NZBN information for other entity types (public sector entities, sole traders, partnerships and trusts) are currently available in JSON formats only.

Data for each business

Only information that's available to the public is included, for example the addresses each business records on the public register. If a business has chosen to keep some data private, that information is not displayed on the public register nor will it be available via our bulk data files.

How bulk data can help you

Maybe your business isn’t quite ready to use our API yet, but you’re preparing for it. In the meantime, you can get a copy of our NZBN bulk data to help review and update the details you hold for your clients. When you’re ready to implement the NZBN API you'll have all the right information, ready to go.

Use the NZBN Bulk data service to:

  • Match NZBNs to your customers or suppliers
    (our NZBN Business-Match service can also help with this)
  • Review your database to ensure you have the correct details for businesses you work with, and supplement with their publicly available NZBN data you may not hold
  • Keep up to date with any changes to the NZBN information for businesses you work with.

How to access bulk data

You need to request access by completing our online request form.

You'll need to provide some details about who is requesting access and the reason why you need access to our bulk data. You'll also need to agree to the terms of our Bulk Data Access Agreement(external link).

Once you've been granted access you can download our bulk data files free of charge, anytime.

Request bulk data access

Ask us for acess to bulk data by completing the online form on the Companies Office website.

Request access to bulk data(external link)

Subscribe to the NZBN API to access NZBN data in real time

The NZBN Bulk Data files are refreshed monthly and can be a helpful resource for those who are not yet ready to integrate with the NZBN API, or to complete an initial data review ahead of using the NZBN API. Integrating your systems with the NZBN API however will provide real time access to the most up to date NZBN data so that your business can ensure you always have access to the most up to date data.

Read more about how the NZBN API can help your business.

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