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Connect and transform your business with the NZBN

Are you ready to connect and transform your business? The NZBN makes doing business faster and easier because it’s a globally unique identifier. There’s an NZBN for every Kiwi business and it’s a digital link to core business information (for example, trading name, location and contact details).

Watch these videos to see how easy it is to use your NZBN

Match your business contacts with their NZBN

Find out how to stay up to date with our free NZBN-Business Match service.

Email us for the next steps

The email address for next steps is

Connecting sole traders with the NZBN

Find out how to get and use your free NZBN.

Find out how to get your NZBN

Making the most of your NZBN

Find out how to use your NZBN to save your business time and money.

Learn more about our free services

In the know, with NZBN Watchlist

Find out how to get free automatic alerts when core business information changes (eg. customer contact details).

Set up an NZBN Watchlist

Better connected, with the NZBN API

Find out how our free NZBN API can help you streamline business processes.

Find out more on the API website(external link)

Making the NZBN API connection

Find out how to connect your business using our free NZBN API.

Find out more on the API website(external link)

How do I find an NZBN?

As a first step towards implementing the NZBN, find out how your contact centre can search the NZBN Register to identify callers.

Not sure whether your business has an NZBN? Check by using the search bar at the top of this page.

If you don’t have one, get yours free at Get an NZBN.

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