How can an NZBN help me?

By integrating the NZBN into your organisation, you’ll quickly realise its power to help transform key aspects of your business.

The NZBN can help you in two ways. You can use:

  1. Your NZBN to save you time and effort by streamlining your own business processes.
  2. Other organisations’ NZBNs to streamline the interactions you have with those businesses and link together information to help make better decisions.

Putting the NZBN at the heart of your processes and systems can help your business grow and be more efficient; think invoicing, ordering, sales inventory, CRM and procurement.

Using the NZBN offers massive advantages that can flow through to your whole business network. Encourage other businesses to update their core business information regularly too, so everyone benefits. Let’s take a closer look.

Using the NZBN in your business

Clearer invoicing information – fewer follow-ups

By putting your NZBN on your invoices, other businesses will have access to all of your core business information. This will mean they won't need to call to check your details.

Speed up access to core business information, and save time

Imagine you’re applying for credit - all of your core business information will be available to your potential supplier or financial institution. This speeds up the transaction and saves you both time.

Better procurement – cut down on form-filling

The NZBN will help your procurement processes by automating repetitive manual data entry that drains away so much productive time. Over time the NZBN can help you plan for, and align, your supplier resources.

Perhaps you want to buy from a new supplier; provide your NZBN and all the paperwork is automatically pre-populated using your NZBN information, no form filling, no data entry - easy.

Or, maybe you want to ensure stock or services arrive on time and when you need them. Use your NZBN to eliminate the manual processing you currently do to make that happen.

Using other businesses’ NZBNs

Improve financial management

Having access to your suppliers’ NZBNs, means processing and paying their accounts becomes faster and easier, as you’ll have all their core information at your fingertips. Soon you’ll also be able to use e-Invoicing to exchange invoices directly between financial systems, rather than using PDFs, emails or post.

Make better business decisions

Using other businesses’ NZBNs to link together sales, procurement and financial information will help you gain a better understanding of your markets, and give you a clearer picture of your customers and suppliers. That helps you to evaluate and manage your work relationships better and do more business together.

Accurate delivery every time

Integrating the NZBN across your organisation can help you to have more certainty about delivery transactions. By using other businesses’ NZBNs at key points in your delivery process you can be sure your goods will still be delivered to the right place.

These benefits flow through to your logistics and warehousing capabilities too. The NZBN is all about greater efficiency, more business, less work.

Superior customer service

You can use the NZBN to link customer data to help develop insightful customer care strategies. Your customers will love the service you provide because for them it’s timely and relevant. You can use it to help evaluate your customer care operations, and integrate those insights into your CRM systems, to further improve your service.

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