How do I get started?

It’s easy:

  1. Begin by getting your NZBN and start using it to identify your business.
  2. Then use other businesses’ NZBNs to get the core business information you need about them.

As more businesses connect, using your NZBN will become more and more beneficial. Used to its full potential, the NZBN is not just a number it’s a business asset.

Here’s an easy plan to follow to get your NZBN working for you, so your business works smarter and faster.

Get your NZBN

Get your NZBN now and ensure you make your core business information publicly available, so your NZBN can work harder for you.

Use the NZBN as the main business identifier for your business 

Every time you send out an invoice, purchase something or interact with government, use your NZBN as the key identifier. Building the NZBN into your finance system and putting it on your letterheads, emails etc., is a great place to start.

Use other businesses’ NZBNs as the main way you identify them

Use the NZBN as the main way to identify other businesses and encourage the businesses you deal with to provide you with their NZBN.

For example, build the NZBN into the online forms you use. It will streamline your onboarding process and become the only identifier you need for your business network. It could help you link information about current and historic orders, so you can analyse trends and develop improved sales strategies.

Get all the core information you need about a business from their NZBN

You can match the data you hold about other organisations, to their NZBN core business information. (This is called their Primary Business Data). This will ensure you have all of the relevant information you need to do business with them.

Use the free data matching service to add your customers’ and suppliers’ NZBNs to the information you have about them, and access the NZBN Register regularly to keep that information current.

You can subscribe to the NZBN notification API and be notified of any changes to the businesses you deal with. Once businesses know to update their information on the NZBN Register, they don’t need to contact you every time something changes.

Ask others to make their information publicly available

Encourage those you do business with to make all of their core business information public – so you’ve got access to all of the important information you need.

Ask others to keep their information up-to-date

Encourage all of your business contacts to keep their information updated, that way it will be more useful to you. Then you can integrate the NZBN into your systems and processes and pull information from the Register, as you need it, with the knowledge you’ll always be using the latest details for that business.

Think about other ways your business could use the NZBN

How could you build the NZBN into more of the processes and systems that connect you to other businesses? Could the NZBN help you link your different databases together to get a clearer picture of the work you currently do?

Think about the interactions you have with other businesses, where using the NZBN would benefit you both.

Put a plan in place to build the NZBN into your processes and systems. If you’re implementing new programmes, projects or planning documents consider how to use the NZBN in these. For example, in the future you’ll be able to use NZBNs to enable faster invoicing and payments, thanks to e-Invoicing.

Manage information technology

Putting the NZBN at the heart of your IT systems can help align the processes that benefit from it, (think invoicing, ordering, sales inventory, CRM systems). What was manual and messy becomes automated and efficient. With a single number you can share information along your entire supply chain, which has benefits that will flow through to your whole business network. Encourage other businesses to update and check their core business information regularly too, and get some serious networking going.

You can pass those efficiencies onto your customers, so business is faster, smarter and easier.

By using the NZBN to link information across your organisation, you can get better visibility of your procurement processes and supplier performance.

Need help getting sorted?

Get in touch, we’ll talk you through the process of implementing the NZBN to help get your business moving.

Take the leap – start by getting your NZBN now.