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How Primary Business Data works

Your NZBN is linked to your core business information, which is stored on the NZBN Register. This information is called your Primary Business Data (PBD).

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What is Primary Business Data?

It’s the information you’re most likely to be asked to share with other businesses and government agencies so they can work with you.

Your PBD includes information such as your:

  • Trading name
  • Email
  • Legal business name
  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • Business Industry Classification Code
  • Registered business address
  • Website

Keep your core business information up-to-date

Your core business information is a valuable business asset, and it’s important you keep it up-to-date. This ensures that other businesses or the government agencies you deal with have the information they need to do business with you. Make the NZBN Register your first stop when something changes, because the organisations you deal with most often rely on your details being accurate.

Imagine you’ve placed purchase orders with a number of suppliers, and then you move premises. Updating your address on the NZBN Register means your suppliers are notified about the change, and your orders will arrive on time, to the right place.

Make your core business information public

The more core business information that you make publicly available, the easier it is for other businesses to connect with you, the better your NZBN can work for you, and the less work you’ll have to do to keep everyone informed. If you're a sole trader, partnership or trust you can choose to keep some of your core business information private.

If your trading name is publicly available, another business can verify that yours is the organisation they were intending to deal with. If you make your phone number publicly available, then people will know how to contact you to buy your products or services.

Connect better with your customers through their core business information

The more you know about your customers, the better your service to them can be. Use their NZBN to match information you have about their business, so you can offer a better customer service experience.

Linking your customers' payments and orders using their NZBN as an identifier will mean you can learn more about their purchase habits, so you can tailor your customer care to offer outstanding service. You could even develop new products and services and use the information to drive your CRM (customer relationship management).

Is yours a larger business?

You can integrate the NZBN into your systems and processes, so you know you’re using up-to-date data when you deal with other businesses. This makes business faster and more efficient for you and your customers. When a business you work with makes a change to its information, you can be notified automatically via the NZBN Notification API.

Find out more about our NZBN Notification API to help ensure the data you hold on your customers is kept up-to-date.

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