NZBN Primary Business Data expands to include GST numbers for companies

The New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) is expanding to include even more of the information you need at your fingertips to do business faster and easier. Companies can now update their Primary Business Data (PBD) to include their GST number through the Companies Register.

The more information that you make publicly available, the better the NZBN can work for you and the less work you will need to do to keep everyone informed. For example, online forms that ask for your company name can automatically pre-populate using the information from the NZBN Register, meaning that you save time by not having to enter this data.

In the future, having information like your GST number up to date on the NZBN Register will help you take advantage of time-saving innovations such as e-Invoicing. With e-Invoicing, businesses will no longer need paper-based or PDF invoices that have to be scanned, posted or emailed, and entered manually. Instead, the suppliers’ and buyers’ finance systems will “speak” directly to each other, enabling faster delivery, processing and payment of invoices, helping save time and money.

The option to add your GST number to your PBD is only currently available for registered companies. However, in the future it will become available for all businesses with an NZBN.

How can I add my GST number to my Primary Business Data?

You can include your GST number on your NZBN through the Companies Register(external link), and this information will be visible on the NZBN Register. Updates will be sent automatically to other businesses who have you on their NZBN watchlist when you make any changes.

There are two ways to do this on the Companies Register:

  1. When filing your annual return. You will now be presented with the option to add your GST number on the first section of your company’s annual return.
  2. As part of your company maintenance. Once logged into the Companies Register, select your company from My Businesses on your dashboard and click the Edit button on the Additional NZBN information section. Provide any NZBN details you want to include on the register and click the Submit button to save the changes.

If you have any questions about this, or would like someone to talk you through the process, please reach out to us at