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  • An NZBN for every business

    There’s an NZBN for every Kiwi business, from sole traders through to large companies. Registered companies have been assigned an NZBN and other businesses can get theirs free. If you’re setting up a business or not sure of your business type, find out more here.

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  • Sole traders, partnerships and trusts

    Are you self-employed, a sole trader, a partnership or trust? Your NZBN will make it easier to share accurate business information, save you time and help you stay up-to-date. It’s free to get an NZBN and free to use NZBN services. You can get an NZBN for a business you manage, too.

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  • Companies and other organisations

    Registered companies and many other organisations have already been assigned an NZBN. These are generally organisations already on government registers (including the Companies Register).

    Find out if your organisation has an NZBN