NZBN services I can use

We can offer a range of services to help you build the NZBN into your business processes and systems. These enable you to make informed decisions, which result in better decision making for your business.

Data matching

We provide a free service to match NZBNs to data your business already holds on other businesses. For example, you can match NZBNs to a list of your customers or suppliers, right now.

We can match data that relates to all NZBN registered entities, including companies, incorporated societies, charitable trusts, limited partnerships, public sector entities and unincorporated entities (sole traders, partnerships and trusts).

We can match information by:

  • company name
  • company number
  • legal entity name

Once we have your data we’ll run it through our data matching programme. We’ll let you know what percentage we’ve been able to match and return your data to you with the NZBNs included.

We'll keep your data safe

We promise not to provide any information you supply to us for matching purposes to anyone else. We won’t use the information for any purpose other than matching. We’ll remove the information you’ve provided once it’s no longer required for matching, (i.e. when we’ve returned your data with the NZBNs included).

Access the NZBN Register via our API

The NZBN Application Programming Interface (API) is a great way to find, share, maintain and update information about businesses on the NZBN Register. What’s an API?

When you integrate the NZBN API into your own applications, networking with other businesses becomes so much easier and offers exciting possibilities.

You can also use the NZBN API to access other New Zealand businesses’ core business information (called Primary Business Data).

To register for the NZBN API, visit the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's API website.

NZBN notifications

Through the NZBN API or the NZBN website (RealMe login required), you can set up a notification so that whenever businesses you’re interested in make a change to their core business information, you receive an alert via email or an API callback.

Bulk data

If you’re not ready to access the API just yet you can still use the information on the NZBN Register. Each month, NZBN data sets are made available in both XML and JSON formats which you can download free of charge.

The bulk data sets contain publically available information for NZBN registered businesses, which includes companies, public sector and unincorporated entities (sole traders, partnerships and trusts).

To apply to access this data you’ll need to login using your RealMe® login. Don’t have a RealMe® Iogin yet? Create your RealMe® online login.

If you’re serious about maximising business opportunities and efficiency with your customers, suppliers and prospects, having this information can help you improve customer service, communications and retention strategies.

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