BSA uses the NZBN to easily identify its customers

Broadcasting Standards Authority

BSA uses the NZBN to easily identify its customers
The BSA is an independent crown entity that oversees broadcasting standards in New Zealand. Each year, the BSA collects levies from broadcasters, like radio stations and television channels. Using the NZBN to identify these businesses has the potential to streamline the levy collection process and eliminate the guesswork.

Accurately identifying the corporate owner of a broadcaster can be a challenge. Each year, stations may change their business name, form or shape. New broadcasters hit the airwaves while others cease operations. With a landscape that changes so quickly, the BSA needs to keep up.

Using the NZBN Register during their annual levy collection process will allow the BSA to reconcile information. By gathering information from the Register, the BSA team are able to determine whether stations have made changes to their business. Pulling information from the NZBN Register will mean the team’s efforts won’t be wasted chasing broadcasters who are no longer operating.

Identifying businesses using their NZBN is particularly useful in industries like broadcasting where the trading name of, for example, a radio station may be quite different to the business’ legal name. Having a unique NZBN to recognise the businesses you’re working with speeds up the process of correctly identifying them.

Using the NZBN to identify their business partners will enable the BSA to cut back on admin and guesswork, and get on with their business.

Published: 23 August 2017