NZBN primary business data protecting the integrity of the Fog Cannon Subsidy Scheme

Fog Cannon Operations Team

Fog Cannon Subsidy Scheme using NZBN primary business data to protect the integrity of the Scheme.

Group photo of the Fog Cannon Operations Team
The Fog Cannon Operations Team

The Fog Cannon Subsidy Scheme (which is part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment) improves the safety of small retail businesses by providing a crime prevention tool that they may not have otherwise been able to afford. It gives confidence to these small businesses that they can remain open and protect their employees as they now have a deterrent against the issue of retail crime.

A key focus of the Fog Cannon Operations team is to assess applications, making sure the retailer meets the eligibility criteria. Once confirmed, a voucher is emailed to the retailer along with a list of approved fog cannon providers for them to book an installation with. Then once the installation is completed the Fog Cannon team pay the subsidy amount to the provider upon invoice. An efficient process that is highly dependent on the data provided by New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).

When a retailer applies for the Fog Cannon subsidy, they benefit from having a NZBN, as it pre-populates their information from the NZBN register directly into their online application. Using an NZBN number significantly speeds up the application process and for those retailers’ approval is given within minutes of applying.

For the Fog Cannon Operations Team an NZBN provides assurance that an authorised person is applying for the Scheme. “We rely on the data provided through NZBN as it is our main tool for checking that retailers meet the eligibility criteria for the subsidy” says Glen McCloy Manager Fog Cannon Subsidy Scheme. 

If data is missing from the NZBN register e.g the retailer has not filled in all their primary business data, or made their data private, then this delays the time for the retailer to have their application assessed. The same goes for anyone applying without an NZBN number.

Most retailers already have an NZBN as it is allocated when registering a company and for unincorporated entities it is easy to apply for one. Whatever your business, ensuring your NZBN primary business data or information is up to date and made public helps government agencies to deliver seamless and quick processes.

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