Using the NZBN API to simplify applications

Business Connect

How Business Connect and NZBN are working together to improve the online experience between businesses and government.

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Businesses often encounter the task of repeatedly providing the same information to various central and local government agencies. In addition, when an organisation manages their own customer data register, updates to business information is manual and requires regular maintenance and communication for any updates. This can lead to inefficiencies in terms of both workload and cost, as well as potential data discrepancies because of human error or insufficient maintenance.

To assist with addressing these inefficiencies, Business Connect(external link) connected to the NZBN Application Programming Interface (API) which automatically pulls the latest information from the Business’s NZBN profile and prepopulates fields within applications on the Business Connect platform. This integration reduces the burden of repetition and avoidable errors, saving time and allowing the user to focus on the application itself.

Daryl Pettitt, Director Business Connect

“The NZBN API allows us to access and consume publicly available business information on the NZBN Register. This data is efficiently consumed and pre-populated into Business Connect. This improves the user-experience and efficiency by reducing manual human inputs, and data accuracy by accessing the most up-to-date business information on New Zealand businesses.”