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You can help realise NZBN benefits for you and your business clients by increasing certainty around business transactions as well as saving time and money and improving customer experiences.

The NZBN Register is set up to contain the information businesses share regularly with each other, clients, and government agencies. The information can be quickly and easily accessed and used – either automatically through an application programming interface (API) or by searching on the NZBN website.

NZBN means businesses don’t need to provide the same information repeatedly or in multiple places, reducing the risk or mistakes and making business data more reliable.

How you can help your clients secure NZBN benefits

Firstly, if your clients don’t already have an NZBN, it’s easy to get one. How to apply for an NZBN

Secondly, tell your clients about the importance of their NZBN and ensuring that they keep their core business information (known as primary business data or PBD) up-to-date, complete, and visible on the NZBN Register. How to update NZBN details, such as PBD

To make the most of NZBN:

  1. Update PBD
    The NZBN and associated PBD are valuable business assets. It is important that PBD is up-to-date and accurate – so it can be trusted and used with confidence by other businesses.
  2. Ensure all PBD fields are complete
    Completing all the PBD fields will help ensure businesses get the most out of NZBN. More information on the register should mean less time spent providing it elsewhere. Businesses have different PBD requirements, so ‘complete’ will be different for every business.
    Some of the key PBD fields to focus on are:
    • Legal name — To enable the NZBN entity to be identified by its official (proper, legal) name.
    • Trading name — To enable the NZBN entity to be identified by any other names (other than its legal name) it uses for business purposes.
    • Trading areas — To identify the geographic areas where the NZBN entity conducts its business.
    • Addresses — It is important for businesses to populate all the relevant address fields to ensure that other businesses or the government agencies they deal with have the information they need to do business with them. Read about the different addresses businesses can provide
    • Website — To access more detailed information about the business.
    • Email — For other businesses and government agencies to get in touch.
  3. Set this data to ‘public’
    The more information that is publicly available, the easier it is for businesses to keep up with changes to information, connect and interact with each other.

Update PBD for your clients now

Read all about PBD

How to use NZBN in your business as a trusted business advisor

Ensure that your systems and processes use your clients NZBN and the PBD on the NZBN Register and make the most of NZBN data services.

Data services

NZBN offers data services so that you and your clients can use to get the most out of their NZBN.  This includes integration of NZBN data into business’ systems and processes.

Some of our value-adds to save you and your clients time are:

  • Business-Match
    Helps you to find NZBN details of your clients or suppliers and is a nice and easy way to tidy up your existing database.
  • Watchlist
    To stay up to date with regular clients / suppliers and get notifications whenever any of the PBD changes.
  • API

What you’ll need

With these steps, you will help your clients to get more value from New Zealand’s biggest business register.

Update PBD for your clients now

If you’d like more information, or specific support please contact us.

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