Make the NZBN work for your business

The New Zealand Business Number is a unique identifier that links to your core business information — like your trading name, phone number, and website — which is held securely online on the NZBN Register.

The more information you make publicly available, the better your NZBN can work for you and the less work you’ll have to do to keep everyone informed.

So what are the benefits to using the NZBN, and how can you apply them to your business to make the NZBN work for you?

Key benefits include:


Through your NZBN, customers, suppliers and government agencies can see your core business information which instantly tells them your business is real and tangible. This gives them peace of mind in dealing with you. The more core information you share and make public about your business, the easier it will be to keep business contacts informed.

You can also see and use their information, too, so you can make the same assessment about their business, giving you both confidence in the business relationship.

That means if you make a change to your trading name or move locations, then anyone connected to your NZBN will receive an immediate update. Similarly, you can choose to receive updates from other businesses you transact with whenever any of their NZBN information changes, by creating a watchlist. If you need to locate a business’s details, like an email address, you can find it by searching on for it via their trading name on the NZBN Register.


As more businesses use the NZBN, the easier it will be to do business more efficiently. All NZBNs are held in a central register. Keeping core business information updated in the NZBN Register means that over time, your key business contacts (including government agencies) can use the NZBN to access your latest details – no more separate phone calls and emails to update your business network.


Small businesses, especially sole traders, can use the NZBN to show clients they’re a real business. Potential clients can be directed to the NZBN Register and look up business information either through your business name or NZBN, giving them the confidence to work with or hire you. Take a look at Jenna Wara, a self-employed wedding photographer who uses the NZBN to show her clients she’s a real business. 

On the other hand, if you’re a business and want to work with sole traders, you can also use the NZBN to look up their business details. Business owners can benefit from information obtained from their vendors’ information on the NZBN Register to build better networks and relationships.

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